I’m convinced that people who shop at clothing stores are all lazy and rude.

This may be a hasty generalization to some, but after working 2 years of retail, this generalization has proven to be valid. Is it really that hard to put a dress back on it’s hanger once you are done trying it on? And why do people find it absolutely necessary to unfold every  folded article of clothing right after I had just finished folding them all to perfection.

Some may say, “well why are you complaining, it’s part of your job.” Yes, the folding and putting away of clothing is indeed a part of my job description. But just like someone working at a restaurant shouldn’t clean up a food fight every time someone dines, it shouldn’t be expected for me to clean up after customers mess of clothing they seem to feel they shouldn’t have to put back. Call me old fashioned, but I used to hear “If you got it out, you can put it away,” from my mother all the time as a child and I think the same standard stands in this case as well.

All I’m askin’ for is a little R-e-s-p-e-c-t, but apparently that may be askin’ for too much.

Happy shopping,


3 responses to “R-e-s-p-e-c-t

  1. I wanna shop someday and leave the fitting room a mess just because I can. But then I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a week until I went back to the store with a card, flowers, and homemade cookie as I begged for forgiveness!

    Unless, of course, they were rude…then they get what is comin to um!

  2. I mean cookies. I would bring more than one.

  3. r-e-s-p-e-c-t—Find out what it means to me!!!

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