The germaphobe in me

Money is one of the dirtiest objects in the world and it makes me a wee bit queasy to know that I touch it on daily basis while working.

You know when you you’re driving down the street and you look over to your right and see some nasty man’s finger knuckle deep in his nostril? That image follows me every time I touch money. I guarantee that mans booger-filled fingers have touched money that I have touched as well. Gag me with a spoon.

I’m pretty sure I have wiped out the entire supply of hand sanitizer at work because of this realization. Every time I touch someone’s money through a transaction, I immediately pump the anti-bacterial liquid into my hands to ease my worries. It’s times like these I’m grateful for the increase in credit card debt because the more they are used the less germs I have to touch!

Happy shopping,



3 responses to “The germaphobe in me

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  2. Oh man, I am SUCH a germaphobe! Germs suck!

  3. Germ-X is my friend.

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