No, you did not win anything

Like many other establishments who take people’s money, my store likes to reward our customers by giving them “randomly selected” survey coupons for $5 off their next purchase if they call in and complete it.

Today, this cute little lady was purchasing a few things from me and sure enough, one of these survey coupons printed out on her receipt. I informed her that it was her lucky day and that she had a special offer on her receipt.

Her reply, “OOO! What did I win!” I stood there and looked at her for a few seconds and had to break the bad news that she didn’t win anything. My heart broke a little because she was so excited thinking she had won something.

The good news, she said she would call in the survey and give our store high scores because we were so fabulous. Days like these make me love my job a tad bit more than I did before.

Happy shopping,



3 responses to “No, you did not win anything

  1. Um, she won a $5 off coupon. 5 bucks is 5 bucks. Maybe she should be a poor college student to see the value in things like that…

  2. Eh, it’s a scam. Only a ply to get them to come back and spend more of their precious earned dollars on material objects.

  3. Love it!

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