Not for the one with a weak stomach

Sometimes I wonder about people and their dignity.

This Saturday at work an instance happened to my co-workers and I that was nauseating. Saturday’s are usually very busy but this past Saturday was especially busy. Two people had decided to not show up for their shift, making us short-staffed for the day. On top of that, every one and their mother was shopping in my store that day, or so it felt. If you can imagine black Friday times five you might understand where I’m coming from. So, my Saturday sucked for the most part. But the lack of staff on a busy day was the least of my frustrations…

I would just like to know when it became OK for people to use fitting rooms as restrooms? Pretty sure there isn’t a toilet or sink in there so I don’t get it. After the store had died down a bit and we all had to time to straighten up the fitting room area, a co-worker of mine flags me down and says, “Sherri, come here you have to see this.” I was pretty excited at this point because exciting things rarely happen in this establishment. So all wide-eyed and anxious, I go over to the fitting room door and look between the crack of the bench and see a used tampon applicator and wrapper wedged in between. So gross.

I’m pretty sure I dry heaved for a few seconds and walked away before matters got worse. And my head started to wander and try to figure out who did this nasty deed in the fitting room and if it was someone I had helped. I immediately jumped to my phobia of germs and money (as stated in an earlier post) and was convinced that I was the one who checked her out, touched her money and had her nasty “monthly visit” germs all over me. After I stopped dry heaving, I went to the register and swam in hand sanitizer.

Seriously, who does that? And if you do, how do you sleep at night knowing that you made someone’s already crappy day, absolutely horrifying?

Happy shopping,



9 responses to “Not for the one with a weak stomach

  1. OMG! Sherri, I’ve heard of people like this! I can’t believe people are that lazy and disgusting. I have a friend who worked in an upscale boutique and she found that someone took a crap in one of the dressing rooms!!!! I wonder what they wiped with???? Ugh.

    • It just fathoms me why somoene would do that. I feel for your friend. I’ve had people urinate in the fitting room before too, but this one takes the cake. As for what the people wiped with in your friends case, I sure hope they didn’t use the clothing :X

  2. Sherri that is nothing, when I managed Gadzooks we found a dirty, nasty tampon stuck up on the ridge of the door in the fitting room. Just the bloody thing nothing wrapped around it. Now that is making me want to throw up in my own mouth. Thankfully some young kid got it down for us!!!!

  3. Jo that’s pretty sick. Some people, I tell ya.

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  5. Honestly, that is the WORST thing EVER! WHO DOES THAT???

  6. Oh hey this corner in the middle of a public space looks like the PERFECT spot for this dirty tampon I need to get rid of……SERIOUSLY?!?! eeew.

  7. Gross!

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