Riddle me this

Call me crazy, but when there are blizzard like conditions outside the last thing I want to do is risk my life to drive to my favorite store in the mall.

Why then, do people feel the need to get their shopping done when all the news and weather organizations strongly recommend people to NOT drive?

With an increase in snow accumulation in the Iowa City area the past few days, I have also seen an abnormal increase in people shopping in my store during this crazy weather. It doesn’t make sense to me.

On Monday, for instance, I had many customers who commented that the weather was getting bad outside, but continued to shop in the mall regardless. With this in mind, I figured that the weather couldn’t possibly be that bad when there were still a number of people shopping in the mall.

I was terribly wrong.

After work that day it took me 20 minutes to clean my car off and get it warmed up, an hour to get home when it usually only takes 2o minutes and I got stuck going up the hill on my street (thankfully, some nice guys got out of their cars to help push my car up the hill.)

On days like those, if I didn’t have to go outside and use my car I certainly wouldn’t.

I guess some people are willing to risk it to get their retail therapy in.

Happy shopping,


Yuck. The scenery outside my apartment. Photo by Sherri Healy


2 responses to “Riddle me this

  1. Yuck! Why would you trek out in this weather??


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