Trash talk

Apparently retail stores now double as trash cans these days.

It seems that almost everyday I go into work for my shift, there is some new form of garbage littering the establishment. From cracker crumbs to tampon wrappers to pop cans; I see it all.

On Monday I was cleaning out a fitting room as usual and noticed, out of the very corner of my eye, a styrofoam cup in the corner of the fitting room bench. Someone who was apparently finished with their Orange Julius, decided that the corner of that fitting room was clearly the best placement for it. Because taking five seconds to ask me to throw it away for them, or walking 12 feet out of the store to the nearest garbage can is far too taxing for the average shopper.

If you ask me, that’s pretty trashy.

Happy shopping,



2 responses to “Trash talk

  1. Wow, really how far is the trash can??

  2. Jeez louise. That’s ridiculous.

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