Please fill me in

It has recently been brought to my attention that some of my blog posts are offensive to people.

This blog is not intended to do that, but instead, to share my experiences as a retail worker in a sarcastic manner that others may be able to empathize with. Since this blog’s birth, I have received nothing but positive feedback from the general public until recent communication.

So I ask, to you the readers, if there is ever a time that you feel personally attacked by my blog posts, to tell me. I can’t guarantee that it will never happen again because I do freely express my opinions and experiences on this blog as a form of release, but I will take your feelings into consideration.

Or, you can choose to not read this.

I understand that not everyone is going to agree or like what I post on this blog, but no one is making you read this either if you have a discrepancy with what is being expressed. It’s your choice.

Happy shopping,



3 responses to “Please fill me in

  1. Your posts are NOT offensive! They are great. Whomever said they are offensive must be a sad sad person!

  2. Freedom of speech! You tell ’em 🙂

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