Hello spring, its been a while

I’m so excited that spring is finally here!

The outside of my apartment before. Photo by Sherri Healy

The outside of my apartment after. Photo by Sherri Healy

For the past three months, we’ve been getting in a bunch of fun dresses, capris, and tank tops to sell for spring. But Iowa’s January temperatures hardly allow for any of those articles of clothing to be worn.

It’s really hard to look at spring-like clothing all day while working, knowing that you can’t possibly wear it outside with the current weather conditions.

But I would tease myself and buy the new spring attire in hopes of speeding up the winter process and starting spring early. There would still be snow on the ground, and I would wear flip-flops around at work in an attempt to beat mother nature’s system.

The wait is over now. And other people are starting to notice as well. I must have sold like a hundred pairs of capris (slight exaggeration) on Saturday alone.

It’s time to swap out your winter and fall closet for your spring and summer attire. Bring on the sun and bring out the shorts!

Happy shopping,



3 responses to “Hello spring, its been a while

  1. Yay for Spring!!! Bring on the sunshine! Oh, I love sunshine!!

  2. I. Hate. Iowa. Weather. PERIOD.

  3. Too bad its May and still 50 degrees out..

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