Don’t get me wrong, I love kids

I just don’t like screaming, whiny kids who are dragged along with their mothers while shopping for clothes.

Proof that I love children; my two wonderful nieces! Photo by Sherri Healy

For the most part, children are wide-eyed and smiling while out in public. But take their favorite Build a Bear away for five seconds or have them run out of animal crackers and the world ends. They kick, they scream, they cry for hours; not my forte.

One word sums up my experiences as a retail worker who has to deal with whiny little pukes on a daily basis: headache.

Mothers, leave your children at home with their father because chances are your kid doesn’t want to shop with you anymore than your husband does.

Happy shopping,



5 responses to “Don’t get me wrong, I love kids

  1. It is mean that some moms can be SO selfish!

  2. Yeah, I am the mom, I would have too. I would just drop them off at the kiddie playland and come get them later….oh, if only things were that easy.

  3. One time a lady couldn’t even take 5 minutes to take her child to the restroom so the little girl peed on the floor by the cashwrap. AWESOME.

  4. It drives me crazy when parents bring there kids in my store and don’t pay them any attention to them. The kids are usually knocking every product off the shelves and the parents could care less!

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