¡Hablo Español!

The other day at work I had my first solely Spanish-speaking customer. It was possibly the coolest experience I’ve had while working.

When you learn how to say “¿Que talla necesitas?” or “¿En que puede sevirle?” in Spanish class, you never think you will ever use it in real life. But I definitely did.

I was nervous, too. I hadn’t spoken Spanish on a regular basis for about a year so I was a bit rusty; I got my message across none-the-less.

It was just a really unique experience to be able to communicate with someone who another co-worker might not have been able to.

Felices compras,



5 responses to “¡Hablo Español!

  1. Cassidy Stroud

    ¡Buen trabajo, mi amiga! 🙂

  2. Good customer service Sherri!

  3. Great customer service Sherri!

  4. Rochelle Honey

    Great job. Sometimes I wish I spoke Spanish. I took German and am learning a language from India.

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